Had a meeting with a youth pastor today and in discussing things, God opened up another piece of his word to me. I know that I know this – but I never really knew it – if you know what I mean.

In we read about a risen Jesus speaking with Peter. In their conversation which starts with “Do you love me more than these?” Peter answers he does.

Jesus commands him to feed his lambs.

Jesus asks again – Peter responds again – Jesus then says take care of (tend) my sheep.

Finally Jesus asks for a third time – which hurts Peters feelings – Jesus responds with feed my sheep.

Feeding lambs: Lambs need milk to grow into sheep.

Tending sheep: Keep them safe from predators, keep them together, help them reproduce.

Feeding Sheep: Good food keeps sheep healthy.

God reminded me that every time I sit with the mens group, here is my outline: Milk for the lambs, direction for the sheep, and food for the sheep. Shepherds don’t reproduce sheep… Sheep reproduce sheep. I must remember to be a good shepherd, and not lose the sheep I have been entrusted with.