If I had any readers, I’m sure they gave up for lack of new content.  Sorry ’bout that. Need I remind you I am just one man, with wife and kids working full time job as well as living in the mission field of Carson City Nevada.  The only thing which keeps me sane in all this is my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  He keeps me on track.

I have been getting used to several new lenses for my digital camera, and preparing to shoot some documentary style video.  It has been a dream for many years to produce video, and while I attempted it in the 90’s, it was a very painstaking process.  Things are so much simpler today: take your DSLR, shoot video, put the memory card in the computer, edit video.  So cool.

Will also give my attention to some wood sculpture, faux stained glass designs, and of course, the occasional painting or drawing.

Speaking of drawing… this one is new and not exactly in my usual style.

The verse that came to mind is