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Carson City Statistical Anomaly

Attention: HHS has changed reporting protocol

From 3/14/2020 to 11/14/2020 we had about 1400 cases in Carson City total and 10-14 deaths total.  We averaged 25-45 cases a day on the active list from March to November… and now, cue ominous music,  “covid-ageddon”.

As of 1/20/2021 carsonNOW has been including population totals by county… These figures were never included in Covid updates on the site for the first 10 months of the global pandemic.

As of 6/10/2021, Carson NOW a local news site is reporting that the  Carson City Health & Human Services is no longer giving the COVID stats out daily, instead a weekly format will be adopted.  Visit it here.

Local Stats* – 06/08/2021 – the last official day of reporting by county in this format.

Carson City*
-56,546 Current Population

-6570 Total Cases
-6379 Recovered
-124 Deaths

(Carson City supposedly has 1 active case out of every 844 residents)


Douglas County*
-49,695 Current Population

-2973 Total
-78 Active
-2859 Recovered
-36 Deaths

(Allegedly Douglas County has 1 active case out of every 637 residents)


Carson & Douglas Combined
-106,241 Current Population

-9543 Total
-145 Active
-9238 Recovered
-160 Deaths

locally, we may have 1 active case per 733 residents.

NOTE: 1% of the population is 1062

We have had 1 death out of every 664 residents.

* according to the mainstream news

Never Mind the Facts

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Why Stats Need Checking

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