Nothing good comes without a disclaimer, so here goes: I don’t study other books.  I don’t read other books about the Bible.  The last book I attempted to read about the Bible was about the Holy Spirit.  I began to read the book, and after approximately 30 pages I arrived at the first citation of scripture – .  Since I consider Luke 11:13 the beginning of my revelations from God – I STOPPED READING IMMEDIATELY!  I have been fortunate enough to have God actively revealing Himself through His word.  I continue living Luke 11:13 – so why read on?  I don’t seek out other people’s revelations about God, I seek to have my own.  That being said – here you are reading my revelations.  I pray these revelations will inspire you to spend time in your Bible and allow God to show you marvelous things about Himself.  He wants to reveal Himself to us all if we will allow Him.

Who among you has a close friend who you are not still learning things about?  How much more does an infinite God have to offer you in revealing things about Himself?

I am not schooled, or trained up in any traditional sense, in theology so please take my revelations for what they’re worth.  I am not presenting myself as an authority, just a believer.  I don’t allow unmoderated comments on this blog.  If you have a different revelation, would like to completely agree or disagree,  want to argue over the meaning of words, want to impose a doctrinal view of scripture, … or whatever, I want to encourage you to obtain your own blog and share your point of view with all of us.  I would be happy as much as I can, to help you start one.

Thank you all for taking the time to read what I write.  For those who have used the Feedback form, thank you.  I pray God bless you and keep you. I pray God draw you closer to Himself – that you be changed forever.  May His kingdom expand in your heart, mind, spirit and life today.