It’s that time again… time to seek the Lord.  It should be constant, but sadly, not always.  As of sundown tonight, I will be fasting from food & the news, and putting my prayer life into high gear with my family.  Hopefully others will join us as we seek God for concrete steps to take in this present time/situation (the global pandemic of 2020).  If you want to join in and you know the number, call us and we’ll pray together.  If you don’t know us, but want to join in, check back on this post and I will update it with times, topics, answers, and anything else we get.

Currently it is against the laws and traditions of these countries to be a Christian – these are the top 50 countries for Christian persecution:

North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Iran, India Syria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, China, Mauritania, Central African Republic, Morocco, Qatar, Burkina Faso, Mali, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Nepal, Jordan, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Brunei, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Colombia, Oman, Kuwait, Kenya, Bhutan, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Niger.

We will be praying for the Christians in these countries and our country as well.

I just came across an article that should be read and understood – “Occult Ritual Transformation and Coronavirus: How Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, ‘Social Separation’ and Lockdowns Are Age-Old Occult Rituals Being Used to Initiate People Into a New Global Order”