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From blind to receiving the gift of sight

As you recall, in John 9 there is an account of a man born blind who was healed (returned to sight) by Jesus.  The disciples asked about the man’s condition, whether his blindness was due to the man’s own sins, or the sins of his parents.  But Jesus answered them by revealing that it is for the power of God to be revealed through him that he was born blind. Let’s examine this passage a bit more: the disciples are walking along.  They see a man born blind and begin to ask Jesus about him.  Jesus does the unexpected: he spits...

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White Hydrangea

Painted over the course of several hours in a free speech zone at the 2017 Cowboy Festival in Genoa. Beautiful spring day including many encouraging people who stopped by and enjoyed the artwork. Looking forward to a busy summer painting outdoors. The image on this page has been cropped, visit my painting gallery to see the whole...

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Living different: Outward sign of inward change

Living different makes all the difference to those around us.  No, really.  It is one thing to profess Christ with our mouths, and it is another thing entirely to proclaim Him with our lives.  If you were mute, would your life speak Christ to everyone around you?  Does it?  Do people meet you and think something along the lines of “A Christian life can actually be lived”?  In my life, the people who have had the most impact are the ones who have lived out their faith through the sum of the actions as well as their words.  It was...

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Random Thought

Gnosticism is arrogance.

Trusting in our understanding instead of relying on the Holy Spirit is a mockery of God.

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