I was doing a little research this week on praise and worship. Some of the verses I read really stuck with me, so I thought perhaps I would share them with you.

The first is a battle in which Israel wins by sending their singers in front of the army to praise God. I’m not sure why we don’t all remember this! Praising God is our strongest weapon to fight against any enemy…But hey, don’t take my word for it, give it a read:

The next verse that hit me like a rock between the eyes (ha ha!) was about Paul and Silas sitting in jail. They had been arrested for casting a demon out of a fortune-telling slave woman in Philippi and had been flogged. Check it out:

Finally I was led to our Lord Jesus Christ, in a discussion about God with a Samaritan woman. He had just finished telling her about her physical condition (multiple husbands, living with a man currently), and then addresses her spiritual condition (you don’t know who God is). He then goes on to say that God is looking for the true worshippers – and how do they worship: John 4:23-24

The Psalms are literally full of praise and worship. , , , and for starters. For those who try not to read too much – don’t worry, those are short ones!

Here are more Bible references from Men’s Group on this subject.

Which brings me to today’s sketch. This sketch measures about 9″x12″ and was completed in about 15 minutes during praise and worship last night. This is one of the ways God allows me to worship Him. I hope you enjoy it. I am reminded that the work I do, whatever it is, is to be offered up to my God and King, as a sacrifice fitting for Him. As you all know – I am not a singer – yet I sing, not for me, but to the one who made me. He has given me gifts, and I am to use those gifts to bring Him glory.

marker sketch of the valley with trees
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marker sketch of the valley with trees

By the way, this site had some pretty good information: www.abbalovesus.com/PraisevsWorship.html