WHO: Myself and whomever I can drag out there with me.
WHAT: Outdoor acrylic painting.
WHERE: The Bob McFadden Plaza – (formerly 3rd St) between Carson and Curry on the Curry (West) side.
WHEN: Saturdays, weather permitting, and all summer with the Farmer’s Market.
COST: Free 8×10 canvas for children. Donation for supplies suggested for all others.

I feel called to give the gift of art back to the community of Carson City Nevada by making paint, brushes, canvas and easels available in the Bob McFadden Plaza every Saturday (weather permitting), so kids may come and paint. I will not charge for this, but canvas is subject to first-come first-served allocation. I encourage fellow artists to bring their own canvas, paint and easels and join us. Parents, please bring your own aprons, as I am not responsible for paint on clothing.

I will be informing artists of their constitutional rights concerning freedom of expression and how the fine arts have been legally upheld as a form of protected speech. I will also be happy to explain how artists have a constitutionally provided and high-court upheld right to sell their protected speech without a business license, and without having to be a tax enforcement agent of the state.

There will be paintings available to purchase on site, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the purchase of supplies for the program.

This program will run in conjunction with the Third & Curry St. Downtown Farmer’s Market.

Make sure to check the calendar for updates.