I recently had a chance to speak with our friends who are doing ministry in another country.  The things they shared were amazing.  God has totally been raising them up and maturing them.  They wait on him, move in him and bring him into all situations.  While reflecting on their testimony, it occurred to me some of the things I have claimed over the years.  For instance, I have claimed that God called me to Carson City.  Did God call me here?  If he did, why don’t I live here in Carson City like my friends do overseas? Am I seeking God in everything?  Do I wait for him to go before me? or do I run head-first into brick wall after brick wall?  Do I truly love the people of Carson City?  Do I weep for them?  Do I lose sleep over them?

Somedays, I get to thinking life on Earth is the forbidden fruit.  This is the living out of “knowing the difference between right and wrong”.  This is the place where we get to decide every moment… His way or my way?  Will I obey the God whom I claim to love, serve and represent or will I do my own thing.  Even if I choose the morally correct path, is it good enough if I don’t have the proper heart condition?  In the  we read a conversation between Jesus and Peter about tending sheep.  I have written about it before. The thing that struck me today is whose sheep and lambs are they?  How many pastors have I met who are busy minding their own flocks instead of tending God’s.  Pastors are not called to feed their own lambs, or tend & feed their own sheep.  They are called to do those things to God’s sheep, but on one condition… they must love Jesus first.  Do you love me? Jesus asks? Then feed my lambs.  (Show me you love me)  Which reminds me of this  as well.

How many of us are trying to do (or not do) something in order to feel good enough for God to love us?  How many times have I heard people say they just need to clean up their lives, then they will come back to God.  Is your God big enough to clean up your life?  Are you His son or daughter?  Do you believe what you say you believe?  Are you living that way right now? Why or why not?