says …”give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”

Many times I have heard people struggle with this.  “And what is God’s” they say?  The scribes didn’t have to ask Jesus this question – they knew the scriptures and understood that everything belongs to God.

Jesus compared the religious leaders of his day to tenant farmers, invited party guests, servants and even poisonous snakes.  As tenant farmers and servants he alluded to a reckoning where the owner (master) would return and demand an account of the masters property.  Would they be good stewards, would they have invested the property properly? would they be awaiting his return? or would they try to hide the property or take it for themselves? For those of you who read the Bible: Yes, I am mixing many different parables and meanings here – please don’t pick up the rocks to stone me yet.

The main point I am trying to make is that we own nothing.  Contrary to what my culture says or implies, we are merely stewards.  God has given us stewardship over His creation – the very air you breathe technically belongs to God.  Every atom of your being is His.  When did we start believing the lie that we own something?  Is the time you are granted every day yours?  Is it your money? Your retirement account? Your business? Your kids? Your ministry? Is your life your own? (Or was it purchased at a price?)

The Bible teaches us that we are merely stewards in this life.  That God’s kingdom is not an Earthly kingdom.  Why do we live to build our own kingdom?  Whose legacy have we spent our time and energy working on?  What legacy do we leave to our children? When did Earthly wisdom surpass the wisdom God will grant us if we ask Him?  What does the Bible say about earthly wisdom? (Hint:)

So as a steward, how much of God’s money do I get to keep?  What do I spend God’s money on?  Where have I invested God’s money?  Would God be for me investing His money in an abortion mill? Or the ‘plan b’ pharmaceutical company?  What about supporting the SPCA?  How about drinking coffee at a a large national chain which actively seeks ways to omit God from their presence? How about entertainment?  What movie companies do I support?  What are those media outlets promoting?  Do I get to squander my inheritance on wild living?

It really comes down to this: will God thank me for taking care of His stuff/money/time or congratulate me with a “Well done good and faithful servant”, or will God be disappointed?  Through Christ we are saved – so this is not about earning salvation from God, no one can.  But this is about being faithful in the small things.  Everyday we get to make small choices which reverberate in heaven and in some way change the world.  Which kingdom do you serve?  Are you working in His or are you working on yours?  How long will the kingdom you serve survive?