So i’m not quite sure what I was thinking (again).  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me… What does three times get you? Insanity perhaps.  I went to the ‘prayer rally’ today and it really answered a lot of questions I have had about the Church in America.  It started off with a cute country-ish song or two.  Followed by Franklin Graham.  Franklin was an excellent speaker, who read us a portion of  starting in verse 3 and continuing through either verse 10 or 11.  Then we had a chance to join hands and pray out loud confessing the sins of our nation.  This was followed by the silently confessing our own sins in prayer, and then finally confessing the sins of our fathers and our father’s fathers.  Mr. Graham then changed gears and gave a salvation message.  Upon completing that message, Franklin broke into his real agenda.  Franklin Graham came to Carson City to get us to vote, and to get us to run for office.  He announced that both parties did not have the answer – because only God had the answer… which is very true.  I kept waiting for some radical prayer for our nation.  My mistake.  I should have really looked at that word ‘decision’ in the title.

I need to let you know that I am all about prayer meetings.  For three years I stood and prayed every Saturday in front of the Nevada State Legislature Building in Carson City – about 75 yards from the event today and prayed from 9:00 AM until at least 10:00 AM.  The only Saturdays we didn’t show up were on Nevada Parade Days because there is just too much going on during that time. Rain, Sun, Snow, Wind – it didn’t matter.  It was some of the greatest prayer time of my life.  So I guess I had a bit of a preconceived notion about today.  I kept waiting for the prayer.  We repented, and then we needed to ask God to fix our land… only, it didn’t get done.  We didn’t ask God to fix it, instead we were given an action plan.  Granted, the pledge Franklin Graham wanted us all to sign did encourage Godly principals, but I do not recall Franklin leading us into that place where we asked God both individually and also corporally for Him to intervene and fix our nation and government.  Too bad.  What a missed opportunity.

I was invited to this event by someone whom has invited me to several events.  You can read about my first invitation here.  I actually slipped into a spiritual cocoon after that one.  I should have known better.  If you missed it, I want you to know that you really didn’t miss much.  The confessions to God were the right thing to do, you could sense it in the Spirit, however, the lack of follow through and the political action plan was, in my opinion, a disaster for our faith.  We do need to vote – because we can.  Franklin Graham mentioned Daniel serving through 7 rulers and two empires – but between you and me, Daniel didn’t have a say on the next ruler.  Daniel was quite an example of doing life God’s way while God used Daniel to glorify Himself – which brought glory to Daniel (Daniel shared in God’s glory).

We ended the Decision 2016 pep rally prayer meeting with a couple patriotic songs.  Yes they mentioned God, but once again, short of a major miracle, do you believe being politically active is going to save this country?  When do we stop work, put on sackcloth, cover ourselves in ashes and fast for three days begging God for forgiveness and asking Him to change our nation?  We are murderers, scammers, slanderers, self-consumed, sexually immoral, perverse, wicked people obsessed with making money and living a comfortable life.  We care more for doggies and kitties than our neighbors, or our children, let alone strangers, and those in need.  We are not filled with the Holy Spirit; instead the spirit of this age abounds in our daily lives. We don’t ask for permission, and rarely do we seek forgiveness.  We watch TV with abandon and seek diversions and recreation over seeking things of God.  How many people did I see today who are obese?  Church, where is the transformation into God’s Word?  If we are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ – and Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh – Then we are being transformed into living examples of God’s word.  I have met people who insist that God’s Word is not accurate, that God’s Word is allegorical, that it isn’t actually true, or that it is only 80% true.  If that is the case – then was Jesus only 80% savior?  Was he missing an arm?  Was he full of poetry? and funny stories that didn’t happen?  It kinda makes me sick to my stomach.

I will be praying for our country, our state, our city and our leaders,  I hope you will join in with repentance and sincerity in asking God to heal our churches and our relationships with Him.  It is only in God that there is any hope.

In Jesus name.