Here was the dream I experienced on February 21, 2013.
In a dark room with light from above. There was a smokey atmosphere – like a concert where you can see the air from the lighting. It was quiet. There were a group of people sitting in a circle on chairs. I remember Randy either in the room or in one of the chairs.
Grandma was there in a chair. She got up and came over to me – I was sitting in a chair.

She handed me a magenta, squishy pillow. It was like a piece of really soft deer hide, the inside was firm but squishy. As I took it, I was overcome with the Holy Spirit – I actually heard white noise as the spirit came upon me more intensely than anything I have experienced while awake.

It was so overwhelming, I woke up.

I learned the next day that my Grandpa had a heart attack that night.

My family and I went to see him – and spend time with him the following week.

I thought the dream was about him and his heart. Grandma was handing me his heart to pray for or something like that.

I sought God in prayer on this point, because I began to think that praying for my grandpa was not the point.

God revealed that the dream was about having the heart to intercede for my family through prayer. Grandma was giving me her heart for praying for the Martinelli family. God also showed me the family in a new way giving me very specific instruction about what to pray.

I found this link recently.