Last night, the wife and I prayed for God to reveal to us through a dream, vision, or scripture what is wrong with church/es.  We both had dreams and here is what we saw:


I was in a second story store front apartment doing dishes.  The sink began backing up.  I looked out of the window in front of me overlooking the street below.  I noticed from under the stopped cars, water began to fill the street and my first thought was “oh a water main or something ‘out there’ is causing my sink to back up”.  Still standing at the sink I look over to the window to the right of me and I gasp in shock and awe because  I see billowing smoke…. Like four alarm huge smoke. There are no flames… This is a drab scene the color out of the window is dull, like the sky. the smoke is on a waterfront and the water is dull color… all grays.

I noticed the stone cross outside the smoking building and realized it’s a church.  I noticed people running from out of the back of the building.  Like guests from a wedding.  That didn’t cross my mind UNTILL…. I saw the bride…. Dressed in white, bright white,  it popped out of the dull setting… She still had her flowers in her hand and with her other hand she was holding her dress running….. The smoke had consumed over half of the church….I could see three or four layers of stone that led to the ground….

While relating her dream to me, I remembered mine…


I was walking with my kids down a sidewalk.  We came to a fruit tree – it looked like an apple or peach tree, instinctively I was looking for large fruit.  On the branches were a several blueberries, with some of them. looking rotten.  In one of the branches was a beehive.  It was a honeybee hive, but instead of honeybees there were black bumblebees.  Some of the bumblebees looked dead, and others were dying.


I will be praying for interpretation.  If you get something, please email using the feedback form.