We were going from (CCC dorm, Church?) to (CCC dorm, Church?) doing something.

Our friend Jeff was in the dream, but his name was different every time he showed up – same person, different name.

Randy was sitting at a kitchen table calling people on a multi-church prayer list and talking with them. The people kept giving him excuses on why their church, or themselves personally, didn’t pray “like that”… Randy was getting more and more disappointed as time and calls went on. I kept wondering why those people were on a prayer list to begin with.

Christina was behind me and I was praying at the table. The Holy Spirit was upon me and I was crying while writing out a list of ministries we needed. Healing, Marriage and a REAL Prayer Ministry. With each one, the Spirit became more intense and my weeping and emotions became less controllable.

Crescent moon and planet from my front porch.
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Crescent moon and planet from my front porch.