On Tuesday 11/10/2020 in the evening, the Governor is once again urging Nevadians to voluntarily stay home to stop the spread of the Corona virus.  He says, if things continue to decline over the next two weeks, he will have to take more “drastic” measures.

I just want to point out that our local Covid numbers have been pretty stable until nearly 100 new cases magically appeared on Saturday 11/7 – breaking every record of transmission here in Carson City.

Rumor has it that there we something like 100 cases all from Nevada State Prison – but hey I’m looking for confirmation, so if anyone can verify this, please drop me a line.

Will Thanksgiving happen this year? According to Gov Sisolak, the choice is yours.

Perhaps we have a rise in COVID cases because we decided to let kids trick-or-treat??? But hey – global pandemic!

side note: I believe Christmas will be cancelled this year – which I am on record as declaring on June 1.