Mens Group 3/25/2014

* Christ is truth, do not drift away!

*, perseverance, holiness, patience, truthfulness.

* supplement your faith – do these things to never fall away

* Promised a pure bride – but you put up with everything (impure)

* Spiritual circumcision – rooted in Christ

* Pure hearts = pure actions. Corrupt hearts = unknown to/by God

Living in the flesh – a backslidden church

Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine

returning to spiritual slavery

widows – following satan

, , letters to the churches apply to us

Avoid a shipwrecked faith. Error has consequences.

A Warning:
Disdain for the Holy Spirit, no sacrifice to cover this!!!

Burden for the Backslidden:
bear one another’s burdens, help them back

encouragement – bring someone back

teaching right things

warning to stay away – but still treat them as bro & sis.

Getting Back:
* Confess our sins and He is faithful and just to forgive us

return to me & I will return to you.

return to me

Final Word:
* Ending the night by using the red letters!

* signifies the verses we read on 3/25/2014