It has been a very busy summer.  For starters, work has been really intense for several months.  In fact, I stopped walking and taking pictures at lunch, because I stopped taking lunches in order to finish up a major project.  Most of the heavy lifting is behind me now, but there are still some major changes to implement.

I have been spending time painting in the open air at public places, and advocating for the right to paint and sell that expression as allowed by our bill of rights.  I had no idea of the confusion associated with the right to express one’s point of view in public on public property.  What a hot topic, and what perfect timing.  Carson City is changing and there are new open spaces to inhabit, and along with more spaces comes the possibility of increased regulation.  I have had a hard time staying focused on what is important: my ability to show art in public, and meet and speak with fellow human beings on the streets of Carson City.

I have been back in the Bible as of late, and should have some intense stuff to share as God permits.  Meanwhile I am hoping to hear testimony from several parties who made my prayer list last month… you know who you are, and if you have changes, I hope you will take a moment and share.

Remember to stay encouraged.  We are not our own.  We are servants.  We need to serve and love the way we’ve been served and loved.  I hope to be posting on a regular basis.  Peace.