What a great weekend at the Candy Dance. Had a blast in the free speech zone with fellow artists Day Williams, John Manley and Mark Ross. Lots of people came over an spoke with us. Most of them laughed and kidded with each other about the sign which said ‘free speech zone’ which was placed in front of us at the beginning of the zone and a banner which hung in the middle of the zone. I had the privilege of explaining the Nevada Art in the Park Bill, and that a free speech zone only returns the rights to artists which are temporarily suspended while the park is under a special use permit. Once explained, most people were very supportive of our presence at Mormon Station.

This painting entitled ‘Impressions of the Smith and Klamath Rivers’ was started on Saturday, finished on Sunday and sold while the paint was still wet.

Next week is the last farmers market of the season in Carson City, hope to see you locals there. Have a great week.